the Flavors

the Olive Oil

The oil of the Corbezzolo is a hill oil, therefore it does not undergo the humidity of the mists, the ventilation and the good irradiation allow a perfect ripening of the olive, the position, due to the absence of the oil fly, allows not to carry out any type of plant treatment. It is an extra virgin olive oil with an acidity between 0.2 and 0.4 (excellent), a number of peroxides around 5/6 and a very high number of polyphenols, between 180 and 200.

The latter (known to fight free radicals) are the primary reason for consuming a good extra virgin olive oil. For the organoleptic part (flavor and aroma) the Corbezzolo oil is of high quality, also thanks to the care of the olive grove without the use of chemicals, a very early harvest and a cold pressing that grow old and not lose its nutritional qualities. The process is documented by chemical analyzes, the possibility of visiting the olive grove and participating in the harvest.


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