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the Flavors

the Olive Oil

The farm The Corbezzolo is a small family run biological farm situated in the hills around Bevagna at an altitude of 400m in an area particularly valuable for olive tree growing. The Corbezzolo extravirgin olive oil is made of a mix of 3 types of olives; moraiolo 70% and frantoio and leccino 15% respectively. A limited quantity is produced using the traditional method of hand-harvesting and cold squeezing. The high quality is due to the acidity level being inferior than 0,2% and a high number of polifenoli. These characteristics guarantee a rich and delicate taste and a long duration.

To aquire these properties the olives have to be harvested before reaching full maturation and the daily harvest must be squeezed the same day. The Corbezzolo oil has received recognition at the fair of biological agriculture if Umbertide for getting maximum points in the panel test, and has been selected various times to represent the Umbria region at BIOL (international prize for olive oil from biological agriculture).


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