The Corbezzolo is situated in the nearing of Cantalupo, 5km from Bevagna and easily reachable. There is the availability of 5 rooms with bathrooms and a small autonomous apartment. We also offer a half-pension service. The Corbezzolo is a comfortable farm in an enchanting “Umbro” landscape that looks out on a unique panorama. Situated amidst 6 hectares of olive tree plantation at an altitude of 400m, Assisi, Spello, Foligno, Bevagna and Montefalco are all visible to the naked eye. You breath the magic air of traquillity and culture in a mild climate that doesn’t know seasons, where the Spring sees the fields in luxuriant coloured flower, the Summer rich of events and parties,and the Autumn and Winter offer the changing tones of the surrounding woods. Visitors can enjoy the pleasant company of our staff and guaranteed rest, easily visit places of art, take healthy walks in the woods, observe a rich fauna and an uncontaminated landscape, and, why not, appreciate our typical food products handed down from an ancient tradition.

The farmhouse is about 200 years old. It has been restructured maintaining the origional style with characteristic and traditional materials of the typical farmhouse. Inside there is an ample dinning room and a smaller sitting room with a fireplace. The porch allows you to eat your meal in one of the most beautiful panoramas of Umbria.

The new swimming pool looking onto the splendid hilly panorama allows moments of healthy relaxation on the warm summer days in the shady coolness of the surrounding olive trees.

At Corbezzolo, cooking is a separate chapter. The whole history of Corbezzolo stems from ideas and our passion for the art of cooking. Care for the environment and the equipment are the prelude to food.

All our products come from Umbrian farms.

Example of menu

  • 4/5 varieties of homemade bread fennel
  • flan with pecorino di fossa fondue and crispy bacon leek and truffle
  • soup homemade
  • ravioli with ricotta and chickpeas and rosemary and sausage ragout
  • braised with pears and blueberries
  • thousand leaves of zabaglione with marsala and crunchy sesame

COST 25 euros (wines excluded)

Obviously, all foods are seasoned and cooked with our oil.

The oil of the Corbezzolo is a hill oil, therefore it does not undergo the humidity of the mists, the ventilation and the good irradiation allow a perfect ripening of the olive, the position, due to the absence of the oil fly, allows not to carry out any type of plant treatment. It is an extra virgin olive oil with an acidity between 0.2 and 0.4 (excellent), a number of peroxides around 5/6 and a very high number of polyphenols, between 180 and 200.

The latter (known to fight free radicals) are the primary reason for consuming a good extra virgin olive oil. For the organoleptic part (flavor and aroma) the Corbezzolo oil is of high quality, also thanks to the care of the olive grove without the use of chemicals, a very early harvest and a cold pressing that grow old and not lose its nutritional qualities. The process is documented by chemical analyzes, the possibility of visiting the olive grove and participating in the harvest.


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